Why Automation?

Automation is The Way To Go

When productivity and quality is a matter of highest importance, automation is a strong tool for production enterprises. A higher degree of automation provides better competitiveness by securing the following aspects:

  • Better product quality
  • Lower production costs
  • On time delivery
  • Ability to change production

Vision and Robotics in Automation

Today, machine vision has developed into being an important tool to secure a higher production quality. Compared to visual inspections performed by humans, machine vision systems can identify more details, the evaluation is based on precise measurements and inspection results are more consistent.

Robots provide a flexible tool in manufacturing which can be adapted to the process and integrated with other equipment.

Combining vision technology with robots, increases their flexibility even further, as they will be able to “see” and adapt directly to varying conditions.

Check out our “Projects” pages, where you will find multiple examples of successfully working solutions employing vision and robotics, and even both together.